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Patient Examination Status Analysis System(PESAS) is the easiest and first efficient patient examination and status analysis software.

Features :
  • Patient Details
  • Details of the Complaints
  • Patient History
  • Examination of Patient
  • Diagnosis
  • Anamnisis
  • Prescription with Follow Up
  • Analysis
Shop Walker
It is to showcasing the collection of any Jwellery Shop. It also keeps track of individual items. Order taking & delivery and authentication card generation can also be done through this software.

Features :
  • Item Details
  • Item Search depending upon different criteria
  • Comparison of different items by Zooming In & Zooming Out
  • Order Taking
  • Delivery Status
  • Item Details print
  • Authentication Card Print
Laundry Management System(LMS) covers the entire functionality of any laundry.

Features :
  • Billing
  • Delivery
  • Item Distribution to departments
  • Item Collection from departments
  • Godown Details
  • Attendance System
  • Income & Expense Details
  • Payroll system
  • MIS Reports
Dairy Execution System(DES) maintains the every transactional part of Dairy firm.

Features :
  • Order
  • Billing
  • Despatch
  • Accounts
Attendance System
The System maintains the attendance of emplyoees deployed in distributed clients. The discrepency could be avoided by tracking the particular machine for attendance. The payroll is also maintained depending upon the attendance.

Features :
  • Employee Details
  • Client Details
  • Attendance of Employee by tracking particular Client Machine
  • Payroll
  • MIS Reports
Address Book
Address Book software comprises of two sections - one is the Entry Section and another is the Search & View Section The Entry Section is a Desktop Application, whether the Search & View Section is a Web Applciation. The Entry Section maintain the Database and any one can View the required Data from any where through Search & View Section.
Quotation Generation system
This is a Web Application of a Production House. The products are manufactured by assembling different parts depending upon different criteria. The system generates the quotation after assembling the different products.

Features :
  • Customer Details
  • Enquiry
  • Product Specification
  • Costing
  • Order
  • Quotation
  • View and Modification of every Features
  • Different kind of Reports
Drawing Number Generation
This Web Application is to generate the Drawing Number depending upon various Specification of that particular Designed Product. This is basically a report base application

Features :
  • Product Details Entry
  • Edit Product Details
  • View Product Details
  • Generate Report
Stock Maintenance
The application maintain the stock and generate reports according to the Users' requirement

Features :
  • Customer Master
  • Creditor Master
  • Sub Contractor Master
  • Item Master
  • Specification Master
  • Order Entry
  • Pouring Log Sheet Entry
  • Despatch Entry
  • Outsourced Casting
  • View and Modification of every Features
  • All kind of required Reports